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We will decode your life path based on your Birth Card & Planetary Ruling starting from the day you were born. Learn more.


We will decode your year ahead based on your Birth Card & Planetary Ruling Card starting on your birthday. Learn more.

Destiny Cards ~
Love Compatibility  Reading

We will decode your relationship based on both of your Birth Cards & Planetary Ruling Cards & what the card connections are that brought you together . Learn more.


Helping you decode your soul path through the Destiny Cards

From an early age, I was highly intrigued on reading and learning about spiritual development. At the young age of 13, I was gifted the book "Living, Loving & Learning" by Leo Buscaglia and that was really life changing for me.

Throughout my life, friends and family would comment that I seemed to be so intuitive and that I had “ESP”!  It wasn't until 2007, while living abroad in Costa Rica, that I really began to open up even more spiritually and connect with the universal energy that is always there guiding us. I learned about the Law of Attraction, Soul Retrievals, EFT, Pendulum, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and even became Reiki certified to work with the energies of the body, mind and soul.

My Destiny Card is the wonderful 3 of Diamonds and I hold true to its definition!  A highly creative individual who loves to do many different things - that's SO me! In addition to my love for all things spiritual, I am also passionate about travel (41 countries to-date), languages and photography.

I was introduced to the Science of the Cards system in 2015 and instantly connected with it on a deep level. I knew it was something special that could help so many people out there questioning their existence.


I was trained in the system and am a Certified Magi Counselor. The Science of the Cards is based on an ancient system combining astrology, numerology and mathematics. It helps one answer questions such as; Who am I?; What's my soul purpose?; What am I here to learn?

I’m here to help empower you to make positive changes in your life that will facilitate the manifestation of your desired outcomes!

~Liz CARDoso


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